Kerala Heart Journal -Abhishek

Case report

Kerala Heart J  2016; 6(2):xx-xx. 

A rare case of PDGFRA1 mutation positive eosinophilic leukemia presenting as loeffler endocarditis


History- A 35 year old male got admitted with history of abdominal pain and low grade  fever.

Blood Investigations -His routine blood investigations showed raised total leucocyte count of 26000.Absolute eosinophil count was 20,000.Liver and kidney function test was normal. Ultrasound abdomen showed spleenomegaly.

2D Echo-Transthoracic echocardiogram was done suggestive of obliteration of apex of both ventricles.Diastolic function showed restrictive pattern .(fig 1)

Cardiac MRI was done suggestive of infiltrative cardiomyopathy .(fig 2)

Figure 3

Bone marrow and cytogenetic study was done suggestive of PDGRFa1 mutation positive eosinophilic leukemia.

Patient was started on imatinib and patient responded well to treatment with reduction of eosinophil counts.


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