Arumugam Chandrakasu, Avinash Jayachandran, Chokkalingam Meyyappan, Ganesh Narayan, Pradeep Gopinath Nayar, Ahamed Basha Abdul Bari



Background : Incidence of Coronary artery disease (CAD) among young adults has been rising across the globe.  However, very few data are available regarding CAD in South Indian population.  Hence, the present study was aimed to analyze clinical profile of CAD in young South Indian males.

Methods: Retrospective study was done in 874 males under 50 years of age who underwent coronary angiography between 2009 to 2013.  Age (Group I - < 40 years, Group II- 40 to 49 years), clinical presentation, risk factors for CAD, angiographic findings and management strategy were analyzed.

Results: Group I patients represented 26.9 % (235) of the population and 73.1% (639) were group II.  All the risk factors except diabetes were more frequently present in group II: family history (p = 0.002), smoking (p <0.0001), alcohol consumption (p < 0.0001), hypertension (p = 0.006), dyslipidemia (p < 0.0001) and diabetes (p =0.07).  There was no significant difference in the clinical presentation between the two groups.  Group I were more often advised for coronary artery bypass surgery whereas group II patients required percutaneous coronary interventions frequently.      

Conclusions: Risk factors for CAD have increased among young males in South India with more extensive disease at a younger age with frequent need for revascularization procedures.  Screening for risk factors should start at an earlier age, and smoking cessation, promotion of physical activities and healthy dietary pattern have to be strongly encouraged to this vulnerable group.

Key Words: Coronary Artery Disease, Young Males, Clinical Profile

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